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AMI Lodges

Lodges are similar to Marinas in that they represent a retailer, manufacturer, or other organization - but unlike Marinas, Lodges must negotiate their space on the AMI website.

-Can be set up by any type of organization
-Take just minutes to build
-Do not require any commitments to AMI or the community

-Require coordination with AMI to set up
-Are limited to national or international organizations
-Must be committed to making a positive impact on the AMI community and the sport of angling across North America

Depending on the type of organization with an AMI Lodge, it may provide added benefits to AMI anglers - and bring the benefits of AMI to the angling community offline. Lodges may offer easier access to AMI Lodge Tournaments and other AMI features through the convenience of real-world physical locations and networks.

If you belong to an organization - whether associated to retail, a fishing organization, or a government department - and your actions assist the prosperity of angling in North America, talk to us today about building a Lodge in the AMI community.

Lodges can:
- Promote and host your own Derbies
- Get your own sponsorships
- Build your own membership
- Create new revenue streams
- Promote your own events
- Increase your customer reach
- Utilize your physical networks offline

Anglers can join Lodges to:
- Compete in Lodge Derbies
- Receive special offers
- Meet new fishing buddies
- Access great products and services

To learn more about Marinas at AnglingMasters.com, send your questions to:

Eric Lam
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