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davidlesster's Cabin
Born Oct 8, 1974
Coral Gables, FL
United States
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Not sure if you know this by now, but I'm a repossessed cars salesman. Quite frankly, I love it being at RepoSSESSED car AUCTIONS and compete in a way with the best in the business. I guess I've always had this competitive side and this is what has allowed me to find great RepossESSED cARS for sale IN THE PAST. Also, I guess I never give up, so whenever I can't find whatever I need at repo car auctions, I go on-line to some new governMENt CaR AuCtion and that's where I usually discover what I'm looking for. I suppose fishing and repossessed cars go hand in hand in a way, since I utilize the same abilities for both.
Favorite Fishing Experience
Every time I go with my son
Angling Info
Preferred SpeciesRainbow Trout
Lake Trout
Channel Catfish
General Interestsrepossessed cars, repo car auctions, government car auctions, repo cars for sale, bank repossessed cars
Favorite MusicCountry
My HeroesAny NASCAR driver is a hero to me
julia commented
3/3/2013 7:35:21 AM

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