Fishin In Garcia Fellsmere Fl feb07
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Fishin In Garcia Fellsmere Fl feb07
Mar 1, 2007 7:31 AM

Submitted by Keith (ip

Date Fished: 2/25/2007
Water Temperature: 68
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

I fished the local tournament again Sunday but with much different results. I actually caught 20 bass today and 6 large Pickerels but no bass over 15" where caught by me. I caught them on lipless crank baits in the NW flats.

I guess I have sore lipped too many in that section of the lake and need to locate some bigger fish elsewhere :) Some people caught some nice fish today though. The winning weight in the tournament was 18lbs even. Very nice. My weight was only 6.2lbs. I also did a dumb thing and actually culled 1 too many fish leaving me with only 4 fish to weigh in. DOH!!! The extra fish I released only weighed 1.1 lbs so it didn't matter really.

Even though I didn't get bigger fish the action of catching 20 bass and 6 pickerels was fun none the less.

I caught my fish on lipless crankbaits and 1 on a buzzbait early. It was too windy to fish soft plastics for me at least.

Water Level From: Critter Craw (, Alabama
Fish there the last week of Jan and the water was low. Plan to return mid March. How is the water level?
Low From: Keith (, Florida
It is lower now then it was in January. I didn't notice the depth at the ramp so I can't say for sure but it is pretty low. It is navigable but I would not advise running east and west in the north flats. Those levees are just inches below water in most places. There are some areas where you can go through but it is best to run to the north east west canal then run east and west to move around. That is what I do and it is ok. Be careful though as some of the levees run to this canal and there are some high spots even in and around this canal that can be trecherous.
I keep praying for rain to help fill this lake back up. Also, that the Fellesmere farms folks would not take anymore water out of it.

Specks?? From: Rob (, Indiana
Hey Keith thanks for the reports. I'm comning down at end of March, do they always have a Tournament on Sunday? Also, do they catch any crappie on Garcia? If so, do you know where and what they're biting. Thought of making a bass/crappie trip to Garcia. thanks
Tournaments From: Keith (, Florida
Rob, they have a tournament every Sunday starting at safe light. Entry fee is $25. Weigh in is at 1pm.
They absolutely have Specks in Garcia. Although, I never fish for them. I am strictly bass. I see guys catching them typically more in December and January. I am sure that Middleton's bait and tackle can help you with location etc. They are in Fellsmere.

Lake Location From: Curt (, Florida
Hey Guys Can you tell where this lake is located? Live in Sarasota and have read alot about this place and might want to give it a try Thanks Curt

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