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AnglingRealtor's Cabin
Born May 14, 1949
Winnipeg, MB
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Aug, 24, 2006 "Master"
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Alex L.
Big Al - A Tribute
Brad Melnyk
Monster Fish
The Fish'n line magazine
In the real estate business (15 yrs), married, have a kid that loves fishing. Background in the construction industry and international marketing. Love and respect the water and all of nature.
Favorite Fishing Experience
"Kids, Fishing for a Cure" Every year a group on anglers get together to have kids being treated in the hospital for cancer come out for a day of fishing. We hold a tournament with prizes and trophies donated from local business for the kids. Every year it gets bigger. So proud of all the guys and gals that donate their time to make a memory for the kids.
Angling Info
Preferred SpeciesWalleye
Channel Catfish
Favorite SpotsWest Waterhen River, MB
Red River, MB
General InterestsOur youth Carpentry, building Sports, used to play hockey, also coach. Rotarian. Renovation and design Drummer (Rock and Roll) Jogging Classic cars Classic Wooden boats
Favorite MusicRock and Roll 60's (favorite) All types
Favorite MoviesAction Old westerns
Favorite BooksBusiness
My HeroesMy family
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