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State Rankings
About AMI Rankings

Mathematical algorithms have been developed by AMI for thirteen eligible freshwater species in each individual state, province, and territory in the United States (excluding Hawaii) and Canada. The points system takes into consideration the size each species typically grows to in each geographic area and scores them independently. The algorithms equalize the playing field to make it possible to have cross-species rankings.

Depending on the category (or categories) in which you choose to be ranked (Superfish, Angler, Expert, Master, and/or Grand Master), the AMI ranking system will take a certain number of your top catches, determine your best point total, and compare the point value of your fish to other Anglers in your state, province, or territory. You will be positioned ahead of Anglers with a lower point value, and behind those with a higher point value. The ranking system also considers time, so if two Anglers catches fish at the same time and both fish are worth the same number of points, there will be no tie � the first to submit the catch earns the better ranking.

Rankings are calculated once every 24 hours. The only time rankings may not be updated is if a catch is under review and is not verified in time for the ranking engine to run. Once any flagged catches have been determined to be approved or disallowed, the rankings for the previous day (or days) will be generated. Each catch entered into an Angler�s Livewell is marked by date and time to ensure it is ranked for the correct day.

1Manitoba Musky1743
3Billy Harris1610
12Giant Char Hunter1504
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AMI Ranking Categories
The most basic AMI ranking, with calculations based on your best single catch in the current year. It�s the entry level ranking because it�s possible for an inexperienced Angler to have a moment of luck and catch a monster fish. If you are an experienced angler, activate the higher rankings that include more fish in calculating your ranking. As you enter the higher ranking categories, based on more catches, it becomes increasingly difficult to come out on top.
The fourth-tier AMI ranking, with rankings based on your top two catches in the current year.
The third-tier AMI ranking, with rankings based on your top three catches in the current year.
The second-tier AMI ranking, with rankings based on your top four catches in the current year.
Grand Master
The top-tier AMI ranking, with rankings based on your top five catches in the current year. Grand Master is the most prestigious ranking because it requires more skill and experience to catch many high scoring fish than having lightning strike once or twice during a single season.
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