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AMI Fish Calculator

The AMI Fish Calculator will determine the point total for twelve eligible species caught in any freshwater lake, pond, river, or stream in Canada and the United States (excluding Hawaii).

The calculator uses mathematical algorithms developed by Angling Masters to determine each point value. The algorithms consider how large each species typically grows in each geographic area and scores them independently. The algorithms equalize the playing field, making it possible to have a cross-species ranking.

If you have your own AMI Cabin, any catches you add to your AMI Livewell automatically place you into the AMI Rankings. If two catches equal the same point total, the catch that is caught and added into the Livewell first earns the better ranking.

Check the AMI Rankings in your area, then use the AMI Fish Calculator to plan which species and length you need to catch and add to your AMI Livewell to get on top!

Eric Lam
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